Homeschooling and Mentorship

Homeschooling or self-teaching is a lifestyle, not simply a schooling development. It is a decision that families make to evade formal education and set out on an excursion of experiential learning, revolved around the conviction that youngsters can act naturally mindful. Homeschooling isn't subject to any school approach or instructional method. It is self-spurred and understudy driven, with bunches of information sources and backing from common efforts by parents /guardians and assigned mentors . Looking to opt Homeschooling for your child ? Here is how Skillsgroom can help you. Call us now at +91-9916669702 for more information and we will be glad to help you

Our approach

  • Step 1 - Understanding your need and clarity about homeschooling
  • Step 2 - Walk you through with the options and proposal
  • Step 3 - You sign up and homeschooling program starts for your child

Our commitment

We are committed to providing you with best quality mentors and ensuring progressive learning for your child. We firmly believe in quality education and mindful growth.
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